Code of Conduct

1. Why the code of conduct is important for us

Acting responsibly and ethically is one of the foundations of the Corporate Logistics Group’s success. We are certain of our duty to society and the environment to ensure that we always perform to the highest standards.

We expect all of our employees and business partners to adhere to this Code of Conduct, so that we can continue to be successful together in the future. The management of the Corporate Logistics Group pledges that it will live by this Code of Conduct with all its values and principles.

2. The core principles

2.1. Protection of our employees

We provide a safe and secure workplace for all our employees and ensure that we register with government agencies and insurance companies in a timely and compliant manner. No undeclared work, discrimination based on gender, race, religion, disability or the like will be tolerated. We respect the privacy and data protection of information about our employees and protect them from any kind of harassment or abuse.

2.2. Sustainability Strategy

There are very limited opportunities for sustainability in the transportation industry in general. For the most part, we as carriers are probably the biggest consumers of fossil fuels in the world to get goods (including moving goods) from point A to point B. So we are starting small in our companies and making a contribution within our means. In this respect, we are starting small in our companies and are thus making a contribution within the scope of what we are able to do.

As an example, the following can be mentioned:

  • Reusing packaging materials where customers want and allow it
  • Providing transportation services in cargo hold balancing
  • Conducting virtual surveys of moving cargo
  • Using electric forklifts in our warehouses
  • Using biodegradable detergents in cleaning offices
  • Using porcelain instead of plastic in our kitchens.
  • Omitting stationery, business cards and other marketing materials
  • Defying domestic air travel instead of using trains
  • etc.

2.3. Ethical business conduct

We will adhere to standards of fair dealing, fair advertising and fair competitive practices. Treatment of all our customers will be fair and honest. All quotes and invoices will be clear and transparent.

2.4. Integrity/Bribery, Taking Advantage

The Corporate Logistics Group is committed to operating and doing business with the highest integrity. A zero-tolerance policy prohibiting all forms of bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement must be followed by employees of the Corporate Logistics Group and all its business partners. To ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws and all other applicable laws, procedures are in place to monitor and enforce standards.

In doing so, we have committed ourselves to the following anti-corruption measures:

  • Never communicate, directly or indirectly, with any competitor or third party with the intent to form a cartel.
  • Never propose or enter into any agreement, directly or indirectly, formally or informally, with any actual or potential competitor that involves sensitive competitive issues, including but not limited to:
    • Illegal price fixing
    • Sharing markets, customers or territories
    • Manipulation of a competitive bidding process
  • Using internal reporting channels, to report indications or allegations of improper business conduct by actual or potential competitors to the appropriate authorities.
  • Non-attendance at company meetings where sensitive competition issues are being discussed. The employee must ask for a change of subject or leave the meeting and have it recorded in the minutes if these topics are discussed at a meeting.
  • Ensure that no statements that could be misinterpreted by the authorities or third parties in connection with a possible antitrust investigation are made in all internal and external communications, documents, minutes and public announcements.
  • Maintain the ability to make independent decisions with respect to the pricing or sale of goods and services. Limit to what is necessary to complete or evaluate the transaction information exchanged with, or accessible to, competitors or third parties in business negotiations.

2.5. Protection of confidential information

We are committed to ensuring that all personal data and information, both from our employees and from our customers and partners, is always handled and stored in a secure, confidential manner and in accordance with the law.

2.6. Exclusion of child and forced labor

The Corporate Logistics Group reaffirms that it has never used child labor, forced labor, or other similar forms of labor, and that it will never accept business partners that do.

3. Report violations of this Code of Conduct

We encourage employees, business partners and external parties to report any violations of this Corporate Logistics Group Code of Conduct or applicable laws as soon as possible (even anonymously).

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