National and International Relocations and Moves

National and International Relocations and Moves

National and International Relocations and Moves

National and International Relocations and Moves

CORPORATE LOGISTICS is a specialist for national and international relocations and moves with long-standing partnerships in North America, Asia and Europe. We select our partners carefully and with that assure the highest possible industry standards in every country on the planet.

We will use your preferred moving company in the country of delivery or destination at your request.

Relocation & Moves

Air-conditioned and modern storage possibilities

The new home is not finished yet. Your new apartment/flat is still not ready to move into or your employer sends you abroad for 2 to 3 years… all of which makes you want to or have to leave part of your household and personal effects behind. If you decide on long-term storage with us or your household goods have to be stored temporarily due to transportation conditions you are in good hands with us.

Your stored goods will be kept separate from other goods in order to exclude possible confusion. We load the special storage boxes or containers right at your front door and they are locked in your presence. Not until then does the move to the furniture storage facility take place.

With multiple shipments, as for example with airfreight or ocean freight, your stored goods will be inventoried separately and documented so that the possibility of an immediate sorting of urgently needed goods can take place at anytime. The select use of dry agents not only rounds up our packing material range but also makes the long-term storage of furniture secure and keeps it conserved.

Insurance protection for land, sea and air transportation

We will make every effort to make sure that your belongings are handled with care and transported free of any damage. We are working together with internationally renowned and represented insurance companies, which have vast experience in the area of household good transportation should your belongings become damaged despite our great diligence and care. We suggest that you thoroughly look into this subject and get ample insurance coverage for every part of your move and shipment. Our employees will be happy to advise you on transportation and storage insurance possibilities.

We would like to offer you a door-to-door «All-Risk» transportation insurance for all forms of transport. In case of damage we handle further processing and settlement and represent in your interests on your behalf and if desired, support you in obtaining the proper appraisals and cost estimates for a fast and uncomplicated damage claim settlement.

Pet / Special Transportation

We can also help you if you would like to ship your car in addition to your household goods, using selected containers and naturally informing you about worldwide customs and import regulations.
CORPORATE LOGISTICS organizes a special high-grade climate sealed packing if needed and makes sure that the load is secured using a special made wooden container.
We organize all of the formalities and see to the safe, secure and stress-free transfer of your family’s pet.

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